Sunday, 3 February 2013

Bereavement leave on death of child - sign petition

When you have a baby in the UK, you can take a full year off work. When your child dies, the standard compassionate leave offered is just three days. I'm sure that many employers and managers would act with their own personal compassion and offer longer leave in individual cases, but fear that many others would not. That leaves bereaved parents in a terribly vulnerable position, so I've just signed a petition calling for a change. The petition's introductory text appears below. Go here to sign it.

'In August 2010 my son died tragically at the age of 23 months. It was at that time I realised every company has their own Bereavement Policy and 3 days off work seems to be the norm also one of those days has to be the funeral. You are entitled to sick leave or you can take holiday entitlement from your employer but you shouldn't have to use sick or holiday leave.
I want the Governement to reveiw this as at the moment they state companies should give a 'Reasonable Amount of Time'.
No time can be put on Grief, but 3 days is NOT reasonable. You have up to 12 months off for the birth of a child and 3 days off for the DEATH of a Child.
So please sign my petition and help me enable to bring this to our governments attention and hopefully in the future CHANGE will happen...'

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